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A Year in Food

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In the age of the supermarket we’ve all become used to seeing satsumas in spring and carrots at Christmas; we fly our parsnips from Peru and our cabbages from Canada without a second thought spared for Mother Nature. At Rocket and Rhubarb we’re committed to bringing you the freshest natural produce raised locally in its preferred season; it’s good for you, your taste buds and the planet we share.

Keep warm in the winter by buying hearty pumpkins, parsnips, leeks and swedes; ideal for stews and soups to keep the cold at bay.

Freshen up in the spring with delicious local salad leaves for light, healthy snacks and suppers.

Get fruity in the summer with natures treats: strawberries, gooseberries, peaches and raspberries will all be in season and being picked fresh from farms on your doorstop they retain all their delicious sweetness and succulence; once you’ve tasted a summer strawberry you’ll never go back.

Beat the rain this autumn with mouth-watering pears and try out some tantalising squashes, beetroot and mushrooms; a tasty way to prepare in the run up to winter.

Buying local does more than just deliver fuller flavoured food; it adds a variety to your year that can’t be topped and you reap all the rewards. Buying from local suppliers opens up natural space right outside your front door; encouraging local wildlife and boosting your community’s economy, not to mention cutting costs. Food that has been allowed to grow naturally, the way it should be, is cheaper to produce; there are no costly artificial environments to maintain or expensive air fares, and we can all benefit from lower emissions.

At Rocket and Rhubarb we can provide you with an unbeatable range of organically grown produce, we live for taste so you can be sure with us you get quality every time. If you’re in the Essex area and want to find out more about what we do, or want to place an order for one of our veg boxes, call us now on: 07915 403967 and well help you get ready for spring.

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