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A Tomato a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Spring might be the season of lush greens but here at Rocket and Rhubarb spring is all about red. We’re growing sweet and delicious tomatoes, hot and spicy chillies and earthy, versatile beetroot for you to enjoy, but they’re not just delectable, they’re healthy too! Red foods are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants which ward off disease and come with a whole host of benefits.

Turn Back the Clock with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an adaptable, all-purpose fruit. They’re great in salads, fantastic in stews and are perfect as a grilled accompaniment, but did you know they do so much more than tantalise taste buds? Tomatoes are a brilliant source of lycopene which fights skin ageing, protects against heart disease and is linked to prevention of prostate and breast cancer. Not only that but tomatoes are full of potassium, vitamins A and C and fibre keeping you well all year round.

Give Your Metabolism a Boost with Chillies

The zing of a chilli pepper on your tongue is scrumptious but that hit of spice also works wonders on your waist line. Chilli peppers increase your metabolic rate and stimulate chemicals in the brain that make you feel less hungry, in fact a 2005 survey showed that people who sipped tomato juice spiked with a hint of hot chilli extract half an hour before eating consumed around 15% less calories than those who drank straight tomato juice, not a bad way to cut down calories. The vitamin A in chillies is great for your skin, teeth and bones and the capsaicin within contain antioxidants that protect blood vessels. Don’t be afraid of the heat, chillies come in a wide variety of strengths so there’s a pepper to suit any taste bud.

Increase Your Immunity with Beetroot

Beetroot has deep earthy tones that become super sweet when cooked which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient used in home kitchens and restaurants alike. Beets are rich in lycopene, folate and anthocyanins as well as potassium, magnesium and iron making them terrific for your heart. Beetroot reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes, 2 major causes of death in the developed world, so get cooking! Half a cup of cooked beetroot contains less than 30 calories so you can eat beatroot to your heart’s content, to keep your heart content.

Rocket and Rhubarb are proud suppliers of home grown fruit and veg boxes, to find out what we can offer you call us now on 07915 403967 or get in touch online and we’ll be thrilled to supply you with some of our latest harvest.

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