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Christmas Vegetables and Free Range Turkey delivered to your door

Today sees the launch of our Christmas Veg Box Order Form.  We’ve been delivering our boxes of locally grown, Christmas Vegetables to customers across Essex for the last 3 years and the demand to have our Christmas Veg Boxes delivered to the door gets bigger every year.  This year has seen our delivery area increase to include Braintree, Billericay, Brentwood, Ingatestone, Colchester and Finchingfield.

Everyone’s got so much to do and plan at Christmas time and so let us make your food shopping a little easier for you.  We have 3 standard veg box sizes packed with locally grown and sourced Christmas vegetables to feed up to 6, 10 or 15 people plus we also have a festive fruit hamper which will include all those Christmassy fruity treats and a salad box for your Boxing Day buffet.

To make life even easier, this year we’re also able to offer you top quality, free range turkey hampers which will include an award winning turkey from Great Garnetts Farm plus all the trimmings; sausage meat and bacon for your stuffing and pigs in blankets already made with Garnetts own award winning chipolatas and bacon.  There’s also a choice of 2 gammon hampers too.

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A Tomato a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Spring might be the season of lush greens but here at Rocket and Rhubarb spring is all about red. We’re growing sweet and delicious tomatoes, hot and spicy chillies and earthy, versatile beetroot for you to enjoy, but they’re not just delectable, they’re healthy too! Red foods are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants which ward off disease and come with a whole host of benefits.

Turn Back the Clock with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an adaptable, all-purpose fruit. They’re great in salads, fantastic in stews and are perfect as a grilled accompaniment, but did you know they do so much more than tantalise taste buds? Tomatoes are a brilliant source of lycopene which fights skin ageing, protects against heart disease and is linked to prevention of prostate and breast cancer. Not only that but tomatoes are full of potassium, vitamins A and C and fibre keeping you well all year round.

Give Your Metabolism a Boost with Chillies

The zing of a chilli pepper on your tongue is scrumptious but that hit of spice also works wonders on your waist line. Chilli peppers increase your metabolic rate and stimulate chemicals in the brain that make you feel less hungry, in fact a 2005 survey showed that people who sipped tomato juice spiked with a hint of hot chilli extract half an hour before eating consumed around 15% less calories than those who drank straight tomato juice, not a bad way to cut down calories. The vitamin A in chillies is great for your skin, teeth and bones and the capsaicin within contain antioxidants that protect blood vessels. Don’t be afraid of the heat, chillies come in a wide variety of strengths so there’s a pepper to suit any taste bud.

Increase Your Immunity with Beetroot

Beetroot has deep earthy tones that become super sweet when cooked which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient used in home kitchens and restaurants alike. Beets are rich in lycopene, folate and anthocyanins as well as potassium, magnesium and iron making them terrific for your heart. Beetroot reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes, 2 major causes of death in the developed world, so get cooking! Half a cup of cooked beetroot contains less than 30 calories so you can eat beatroot to your heart’s content, to keep your heart content.

Rocket and Rhubarb are proud suppliers of home grown fruit and veg boxes, to find out what we can offer you call us now on 07915 403967 or get in touch online and we’ll be thrilled to supply you with some of our latest harvest.

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1000′s of plants

Over the last few weeks with the warmer and drier weather we have spent every hour catching up with the planting schedule, with thousands of plants going into the ground. The broad beans are now growing quickly, along with the radish, lettuces and chard. The in door salad leaf is doing well and we hope to get the tomatoes and peepers in the tunnels in the next week or so, depending on the weather.   All the cold frames are full to bursting as the next batch of plants wait to go into the ground, these include our summer and winter squashes.

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A Year in Food

In the age of the supermarket we’ve all become used to seeing satsumas in spring and carrots at Christmas; we fly our parsnips from Peru and our cabbages from Canada without a second thought spared for Mother Nature. At Rocket and Rhubarb we’re committed to bringing you the freshest natural produce raised locally in its preferred season; it’s good for you, your taste buds and the planet we share.

Keep warm in the winter by buying hearty pumpkins, parsnips, leeks and swedes; ideal for stews and soups to keep the cold at bay.

Freshen up in the spring with delicious local salad leaves for light, healthy snacks and suppers.

Get fruity in the summer with natures treats: strawberries, gooseberries, peaches and raspberries will all be in season and being picked fresh from farms on your doorstop they retain all their delicious sweetness and succulence; once you’ve tasted a summer strawberry you’ll never go back.

Beat the rain this autumn with mouth-watering pears and try out some tantalising squashes, beetroot and mushrooms; a tasty way to prepare in the run up to winter.

Buying local does more than just deliver fuller flavoured food; it adds a variety to your year that can’t be topped and you reap all the rewards. Buying from local suppliers opens up natural space right outside your front door; encouraging local wildlife and boosting your community’s economy, not to mention cutting costs. Food that has been allowed to grow naturally, the way it should be, is cheaper to produce; there are no costly artificial environments to maintain or expensive air fares, and we can all benefit from lower emissions.

At Rocket and Rhubarb we can provide you with an unbeatable range of organically grown produce, we live for taste so you can be sure with us you get quality every time. If you’re in the Essex area and want to find out more about what we do, or want to place an order for one of our veg boxes, call us now on: 07915 403967 and well help you get ready for spring.

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New Field

With all the wet and cold weather we have been delayed getting the new field up and running, but this week we have managed to start the fencing which will protect our produce from the local herds of deer and rabbits. In a few weeks we will be planting the broad beans and then over the coming weeks and months we will be planting the field up with 1000′s of cabbages, cauliflowers and kales (assuming we dont have very wet spring like last year).

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Salad leaf and Chillies

The first salad leaf bed has now been seeded in the polytunnels and hopefully in the next six weeks we should have our first crop of great tasting salad, including rocket, mizuna, green in snow and giant red mustard. The chilli plants have been started off in the propagators and this year we will have two varieties, ring of fire (hot) and hungarian wax (medium). We will also be growing the variety “peppers from padron” which occasionally have a hot chilli amongst the mild peppers.

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This years seeds have arrived

Our 2013 seed order has now been delivered so we will be starting off some of the early produce in the incubators and the heated greenhouse over the next few weeks. The first to go in will be the chilli’s and peppers. Each year we try to add a couple of new items to our list, this year we will be growing  a golden beetroot, violet queen cauliflowers and artichokes. However the artichokes will take 2 years before we can harvest the heads.

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Website Upgrade

We have completed the upgrade to our web site and you can now use our online order form to order your vegetable box.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more information to our site which will include some of our most popular recipes, details of other great local food suppliers and details of the local farmers markets.

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Sunny Weather means Salad

Due to the gorgeous weather we’ve been having over the last few weeks, our famous salad leaves have been growing like crazy. 

We are delighted that lots of our customers are coming back time and time again to buy our lovely Salad and also lots of new customers who’ve heard about it.  We’ve had such lovely comments;

“Best salad leaves I’ve ever tasted”

“I’ve told all my friends about your salad – its just so, unbelievably tasty”

“I won’t buy my salad anywhere else now I’ve tasted this ….. amazing flavour”

Come and try it for yourself.  We’ll pick it especially for you, straight from the field.

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Christmas Veg Delivery

Rocket and Rhubarb are getting ready for Christmas and have everything in place to deliver all you need for the Christmas period in the way of fresh, locally grown vegetables. 

We can either deliver it to your door or you can collect it at Great Garnetts Farm on 23rd December.  For further information, send us a request via our ‘contact us’ page.

Christmas turkeys, sausages, bacon, pork and sausagemeat can be ordered from

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