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Rocket & Rhubarb – Fresh Vegetable Boxes

At Rocket & Rhubarb we are a local supplier of freshly grown vegetables and we supply our delicious vegetable boxes throughout our local community in Dunmow and Bishops Stortford; ensuring your daily meals are made with fresh, nutritional produce which looks as good as it taste.

All of our vegetables are grown using organic technique which includes using natural pest control and feeding the soil with natural ingredients. We believe that this makes a huge difference to the way our vegetables taste, and we are confident that once you have tried our veg boxes you won’t turn back.

Veg Boxes; Freshly Picked & Crisp

Seasonal vegetables are grown, giving you a regular source of nutritional produce which tastes fresh. With this in mind you can expect a range of vegetables in our veg boxes which includes mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, leeks and even eggs! You can choose from the following boxes;

If there are any vegetables which you don’t want in your veg boxes please let us know and we’ll make a note for future reference.

Vegetable Box Delivery In Dunmow & Bishops Stortford

Vegetable boxes delivery is free for those based within a 15mile radius, and is available to those in Dunmow and Bishops Stortford. If you would like vegetable box delivery and you wish to place an order please complete our online order form or telephone us today on 07915 403 967 and we’ll happily arrange for your order to be delivered. We look forward to helping you eat healthier and tastier food!