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Rocket & Rhubarb – Local Supplier of Vegetable Boxes

At Rocket & Rhubarb we carefully grow our own produce which we then sell onto our local community, providing fresh, nutritional vegetable boxes to homes across Chelmsford, Billericay and Maldon. Our veg boxes have proved very popular with those based in Chelmsford, and ensure your daily meals are made using the freshest ingredients available.

Our vegetables boxes are picked and delivered straight to your door, and for those of you who are based within a 15mile radius of our farm in Essex, you will be extremely pleased to learn that you can receive free vegetable box delivery.

Fresh & Flavoursome Veg Boxes

We often get asked why our veg boxes are so delicious, and our answer is simple – they are grown with love using organic methods. Our soil is fed using nature’s own ingredients and we use natural means of pest control to ensure no chemicals come into contact with our vegetables. We carefully look after our seasonal produce to ensure that they are picked when they are ready.

We tailor our vegetables boxes to suit your personal likes, so you can opt for a weekly delivery in Chelmsford, Maldon, Billericay or further afield which is chosen by us, you can choose it yourself, or you can choose to have our weekly delivery but make a note of the produce you don’t want in your boxes.

Vegetable Box Delivery in Chelmsford, Maldon & Billericay

Vegetable boxes delivery is available throughout Chelmsford, Maldon and Billericay. Make an order today and click here to complete our online order form or call us today on 07915 403 967 to speak with us directly.

Our aim is to offer fresh, delicious vegetables and if this is what you want, get in touch today.